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Frederick Cucchi

England, 1952

Italian - English - French


Barrister (n.p.)
Practice Areas:
Commercial and Company Law, Real Estate law and Cross Border investments and trading, Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce, International Trusts, Media-Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions

In the last thirty years, or so, he has mainly practised in Italy and Europe, specialising in information technology, international commercial law and real estate acquisitions. The team has earned an excellent reputation in this sector for the ability to bring to closing complex commercial real-estate transactions - both development projects and turn-key acquisitions. Foreign real-estate funds or local developers are the main clients in this sector. He has also in depth experience in international leveraged investments, trusts and commercial contract negotiations, both Italian and international. he has a vast experience in information technology having advised a major multinational consultancy group active in this field. His clients are both
companies or HNW individuals making cross-border investments.

Education and Professional Experience:
Specialization in American Legal Studies – Salzburg Center for American Studies (1978)
Law degree, Università di Oxford (M.A. anno 1975)

After having gained his law degree he qualifed as a barrister in London (now unregistered). He then worked for some time in a law firm in New York, where he set
up the local office of an Italian law firm. Subsequently he returned to Italy where he became partner of a firm with offices in Rome and Milan before becoming a founder member of LEGALIS. He is now "of counsel" and working as a legal adviser.

Salzburg Center for American Studies

Il Raggruppamento di Imprese, EBC (1992)
La collaborazione tra Imprese, EsseLibri Simone (2003)
Il Contratto di Franchising, è alla terza edizione, Finanza e Lavoro (2003, 2004, 2007).
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