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If you want to try out a new hairstyle with little to no commitment, your best bet will be opting for a wig. There’s a reason why celebrities swear by them — wigs are pretty easy to style and can be removed anytime. And you can shop for some of the best wigs on Amazon for under $150!

Before placing an order, you’ll need to determine what type of wig you want. Some popular styles include human hair wigs, synthetic, capless, lace front, and full lace wigs. And finding the right one will depend on your preferences. Best Natural Hair Wigs

19 Best Wigs on Amazon, According to Reviewers 2024 | Teen Vogue

“Glueless wigs are great for beginners or people who want the most low maintenance option. They can be easily installed using an elastic band, combs, and/or hairpins to secure in place,” says Jared ‘JStayReady’ Henderson, a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles. “Lace wigs require some form of adhesive to be used for installation and it gives off the ultimate illusion of hair growing from the scalp. I recommend using Ghostbond for a strong hold and flawless finish,” says Henderson.

Plus, there are many additional features to be on the lookout for, like pre-plucked styles with baby hairs that give off a more natural-looking hairline, adjustable straps that can be used to secure the wig onto your head, and HD lace to give off a more realistic scalp look. If you’d like to use hot tools to straighten and curl the wig (we’ve got some good Dyson Airwrap dupes you can use), you’ll also need to go for heat-resistant styles to prevent damage.

So, if you’re looking to try out a new winter hairstyle or need a wig to enhance your Valentine's Day outfit, we’ve got you covered with our list of the cutest styles on Amazon. We selected top-rated picks according to customer reviews and TikTok user try-on videos. The options are truly endless when it comes to wigs. You can rock a new hairdo every day of the week, without shelling out tons of cash.

Ready to test out a new look? Ahead, find some of the best wigs on Amazon that won’t give off that “wiggy” look.

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Want to go blonde but not ready to commit fully? You'll love this wig. It comes with trendy layers, has a mix of brown and blonde hues, and wispy bangs.

Pros: 100% breathable rose net, Two adjustment straps included

Cons: Some users note the color in the image is not accurate.

Lace size: 9 x 2 x 5 inches

Customer review: “I am very impressed with this wig for the price. It's nice and full and looks real. It doesn’t have that shine like most synthetic wigs have. I’ve gotten compliments on how real it looks. It’s one of the best ones I’ve had for the price. I highly recommend it.”

This gorgeous wig features a stunning mix of fall-inspired hues like caramel and mocha browns. It also has bleached knots, a pre-plucked hairline, and baby hairs.

Pros: 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair, Lightly Bleached Knots

Customer review: “If you’re looking for a quick-purchase unit, this is it. The coloring is perfect, the length amazing, it’s tangle-free and so far, I hardly have shedding. I have washed my unit and let me tell you, NO TANGLES AT ALL when allowing the hair to air dry.”

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Channel your inner supermodel bombshell self in this long Brazilian human hair wig. It's available in various lengths, comes in black, and is pre-plucked with baby hair.

Hair type: Brazilian human hair

Customer review: “I really love this hair! It's so soft with very little shedding. And it’s true to length. I got that 28” BUST DOOWN and I LOVE IT!!! The delivery was quick, too. Can't wait to place my next order.”

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If you're looking for a wig that requires minimum maintenance, reach for this pixie-cut wig. It features a waxy style and has short layers.

Pros: Four colors available, Easy to install

Cons: Some users note that the wig does not take heat well.

Customer review: "The wig is nice, soft, and silky. It was definitely worth the price. I wasn’t expecting this, and it fits on your head like a glove."

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If you want to switch up your hairstyle between straight and curly, go for this top-rated wig. It can withstand hot tools, and get bleached and dyed like your natural hair.

Pros: 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair, HD Transparent Lace

Cons: Users note the wig had a horrible smell upon opening.

Customer review: "I've been wearing this wig for several weeks now and it's holding up well. Great quality hair, very full, and very minimal shedding. I would definitely repurchase it."

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We're expecting to see this hair color all over for the fall. The reddish-brown hue is stunning and gives us cozy and warm vibes. Customers also note that this wig has great density and can hold multiple hairstyles well.

Cons: Some users note the wig is too small.

Customer review: “The hair is soft and the wig can hold any type of heat style. I didn’t have to pluck at all, but if you want a more natural look, you can but don’t have to. The lace is natural, and I just added a little makeup to cover the hairline. Go buy!”

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It's giving blonde Barbie bombshell and we're here for it. Available in 20 - 42 inches, this unit is definitely worth every penny thanks to its versatile styling and luxe quality.

Pros: 100% unprocessed virgin Brazilian, Tangle-free, HD lace

Cons: Some users note that the density of the wig is not accurate.

Customer review: “This, by far, is one of my favorite wigs. Not only is it affordable for a 613 wig, but it takes color very well. The lace is nice, it holds a curl and there’s minimal to no shedding. I'm definitely purchasing this again.”

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We'll never tire of jerry curls and this wig is exactly what you should get if you want to try out a new hairstyle. The honey-blonde color is beautiful, and it comes with a pre-plucked hairline.

Pros: 100% Brazilian Virgin Human, Pre-cut lace

Cons: The wig does not come with baby hairs.

Customer review: “This lace is actually better than most other wigs I own. It melts really nicely with very minimal effort. I used a layer of Got 2 be gel and waited for it to get tacky, then placed the lace down with just my fingers down by the ears, until it dried. Then I sprayed over the top and held it down again by my ears. Don’t lay the elastic before it’s completely dry, then it will just glue to the elastic, and it won’t look pretty when you pull it of.”

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How cute is this super curly bob wig?! It's available in various lengths ranging from 8 to 16 inches and has transparent lace, which means it'll “melt” right into your scalp, giving you an all-natural look.

Pros: 180% density, Comes with three combs and two adjustable straps

Cons: Some users noted the hair became matted after washing.

Customer review: “I love this hair. The curls were easy to maintain and I had no tangling. The lace melted so good and was so quick to bleach. The perfect length for me. I have no complaints! The hair was also very full and soft and the frontal had a lot of space to do different hairstyles. No smell at all. This wig is very beginner-friendly.”

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Fun, flirty, and cute. Those are the only three words we can use to describe this affordable wig.

Pros: High-temperature fiber material, It has an elastic curvature

Cons: Some shoppers noted that the wig looked too fake for their liking.

Customer review: "I seriously didn't think I would pull it off but I got so many compliments ...I felt like I should have told people it was from Amazon, not from my head lol. Straight out of the package, it looked funny but I went to town with the brush and it did not disappoint. Extra kudos for the sewn-in clips."

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For those looking for a tighter, coily curl pattern, opt for this wig. You can choose your desired length, ranging from 16 to 30 inches. It also can be parted in various ways, including the sides and middle.

Pros: Comes with four clips and adjustable straps

Cons: Some shoppers noted after frequent use, the wig mattes up quickly.

Customer review: “This one was a winner! It blends with my 4B hair so well. Everyone kept complimenting my hair. It sheds the most when you first get it and style/cut it, but after that, it has minimal shedding. Works great with water and mousse."

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Some people love lace fronts, and others don't. If you don't mind the maintenance of it, we suggest going for this short bob wig. It has a natural-looking hairline, a Swiss lace cap, and bleached knots.

Pros: Swiss lace, Glueless lace front

Cons: Some users note that the cap size is not a good fit for larger heads.

Customer review: “This wig is too underrated. This is by far my favorite wig because from the curl texture and the lace, it's definitely great for this price, and it last with upkeep. I've had wigs that would definitely start matting up, not this hair texture.”

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The bigger, the better…right?! This kinky curly wig is a beautiful style to go for if you're looking to create a voluminous, natural look.

Pros: 200% density, No bleaching needed, Can be dyed

Cons: Some users noticed a lot of shedding.

Customer review: “Honestly, I don’t ever write a review, but I felt like for this wig, it was necessary. I'm absolutely in love with this wig and the thickness of it. I even love how the wig kept up even after I bleached it, and I highly recommend using a 20 developer because it’s a lot of hair and had to be done in sections. I have had people complimenting my hair nonstop.”

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One look at this wig and we immediately think, Beyonce. The mix of blonde and caramel hues, wavy texture, and long length all make this a stunning wig!

Cons: Some shoppers note that the trackers feel too thick.

Customer review: "I’m in love with this hair. It has very minimal shedding, and it has beautiful curls! Not to mention no smell. After installing the hair, the curls were beautiful in their natural state. I curled it yesterday and it held the curl all day with no product!"

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U-part wigs are a good option for those who want to blend their natural hair with a wig. And this is a top-rated pick on Amazon becuase of its versatile features. It can be permed, dyed, bleached, and highlighted.

Pros: Curls feel soft and bouncy, Comes with three combs

Cons: The wig does not have baby hair.

Customer review: “This wig is perfect and well worth the price. It has everything I need from a wig: pre-cut lace, pre-plucked, bleached knots, glueless, elastic band, combs attached, and grip along the edges. The hair is soft and lightweight. I added baby hairs, but they are not really needed. I only used a dab of spritz for a more seamless look, and it worked perfectly."

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Wigs are a great choice to go with when it comes to testing out new hair colors. And one of the trendiest hues at the moment happens to be Ash blonde. This beautiful wig comes pre-plucked with baby hairs, giving off a natural-looking hairline, and has voluminous curls with layers.

Pros: HD Lace Front, Heat Resistant Fiber up to 400 degrees, Translucent Swiss lace

Cons: Some users note that this wig tangles easily.

Customer review: “Hands down one of my new favs!! Very little shedding, ash blonde color is on point, any style is stunning! Easy brushing, flowing full curls 😊 and the lace even feels soft. I have to get one in every color now lol.”

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One scroll through #hairtok and you’ll likely come across someone styling their fresh new curtain bangs. If you've been wanting to try out the style for yourself (without committing to it) reach for this straight bob wig. It’s made from 100% human hair and has a glueless construction, which means you can just pop it on and head out the door.

Cons: Shoppers note that the cuts on each wig can vary.

Lace size: 2.7 x 1” HD Lace

Customer review: “No styling needed, the hair is beautiful. Yess it keeps its curls, the knots are bleached and it blends perfectly with my skin. I did change it to a side part instead of the middle part. This wig was worth it. I love it so much.”

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Channel your inner Cardi B with this gorgeous long, auburn wavy wig. It comes with a sleek middle part and light waves throughout the lengths. It’s also made with heat-resistant fibers that can withstand up to 320 degrees. It also comes with a free wig cap!

Pros: Middle part, Two elastic straps are included inside the wig cap

Cons: Some users note that you have to customize the wig a lot to give it a more realistic look

Lace size: 11 x 8 x 1inches

Customer review: “I could not believe how good of quality this wig was for the price! It was so soft and honestly felt like real hair, not that plastic feeling like most cheap wigs. You can run your hands through it and wear it all day and it still looks great. Not itchy or painful at all (I did wear a cheap wig cap for underneath) and I literally wore it all day at work for our wig day.”

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19 Best Wigs on Amazon, According to Reviewers 2024 | Teen Vogue

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