BOE unveils the world's first 600Hz laptop gaming display -

At the 2022 World Display Industry Conference, BOE surprised their visitors by showing a new ultra-fast gaming panel for laptops. 

It was in January this year when BOE announced its 27-inch 500 Hz gaming panel. Unfortunately, we have not really seen a deployment of this panel in any product just yet. However, the development team at BOE has is working on even more interesting products, such as 600 Hz panels for laptops. Posaconazole

BOE unveils the world's first 600Hz laptop gaming display -

BOE 600Hz panel for 16-inch laptop

This blurry still from official video is the first public demo of the 16-inch gaming panel with 600 Hz refresh rate. The media reporting on this product are short on details, but we can see it uses an NVIDIA RTX powered system, presumably with 16:10 display. Thus far no company has been able to break the 500 Hz barrier for laptops, but Dell was very close with their Alienware x17 R2 systems equipped with 17-inch 1080p and 480 Hz panels. Unfortunately, there are no details on this BOE’s 600 Hz monitor resolution and its release date.

Among their new Mini-LED products, the company showcased its 34-inch ultra-wide 165Hz panel with HDR1000 certification and ultra high contrast rate of 100,000:1. Right beside it was an 86-inch Mini-LED 4K panel. It is an active MLED backlight TV with very high peak brightness of 1500 nits.

BOE Mini-LED Booth with 34-inch WQHD 165Hz display and 86-inch Glass panel

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BOE unveils the world's first 600Hz laptop gaming display -

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