Automatic Ball Valve Ensures Pump Prime | - The Online Pump Magazine

A high-capacity Plast-O-Matic VBS200EPS-PV Vacuum Breaker is used to prevent implosion as the tank drains while the pump is operating. (Image source: Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.)

Unfortunately the check valve in the tank would not hold, and the inlet piping to the pump would constantly drain. Water Stopper Valve

Automatic Ball Valve Ensures Pump Prime | - The Online Pump Magazine

To resolve the problem, an emergency priming system was designed to automatically flood the inlet piping, creating a prime for the pump. Plant industrial water is taken into Plast-O-Matic ABVS100EPS-PV Air x Spring Actuated Ball Valve, which is opened by compressed air through an air solenoid valve. When the pipe is sufficiently flooded, a flow switch signals the solenoid to shut off the air supply and vent the actuator. As soon as the air is removed and the actuator is no longer pressurized, the spring return design causes the valve to close automatically.

The City of Bremerton, Washington needed to build a system to bring its pH levels in line with the Lead and Copper laws, with the flexibility to compensate for a variety of water sources. Dealing with pH levels below neutral, the Engineering Division of Bremerton Public Works and Utilities had to provide a system for injecting caustic soda into the water main.

Valmet will deliver a comprehensive package of critical valves and valve automation solutions to a lithium project run by Sibanye-Stillwater’s subsidiary Keliber Oy in Kokkola, Finland.

An Air Release Valve is open when the system is depressurized. At start up, the liquid process forces most of the air in the pipeline to high points, where the ARV allows it to escape. Once liquid rises, the valve closes and will not allow anything – gas or liquid – to pass in or out. It will not vent gas as it occurs during daily operations. It will reopen only when the system is depressurized and liquid level drops.

To fully understand the valve and the piping possibilities, the first step is to understand all of the capabilities of a 2-port valve.

ITT Inc.’s Engineered Valves announced the launch of the Cam-Tite Ball Valve GV Series, an innovative valve solution designed as a direct dimensional and upgraded replacement for severe service applications. The GV Series utilizes advanced sealing technology to isolate and contain highly hazardous liquids and gases to protect the safety of operators and prevent fugitive emissions.

Crop fertigation piping systems typically deliver precise batches of nutrients to crops through a supply line, and remove overflow via a drain/flush line. Although system parameters vary from site to site, a typical installation uses a mix of water and nutrients between 30-90º F. – Inform. Select. Buy.

Automatic Ball Valve Ensures Pump Prime | - The Online Pump Magazine

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