David Weeks Studio Reissues the Aluminum Bullet Chandelier

First designed 25 years ago in 1998, David Weeks Studio has reissued one of its earliest works: the Aluminum Bullet Chandelier. A perfect example of the studio’s genre-defining, sculptural light fixtures, the limited-edition handcrafted work has been pulled from the archives and gently revamped and refined. Clearly paying homage to the timeless bullet-shaped shades of the 1950s, the chandelier was originally designed to fit into large-scale, traditional dining spaces.

Merging traditional archetypes with contemporary aesthetics, the Aluminum Bullet Chandelier rethinks the formality of its predecessors while remaining close to the profile of a crystal chandelier with an oval-shaped top view. To achieve the lighting’s sleek profile, Weeks worked to fine-tune the piece, employing his signature, hands-on process of formal reduction. Aluminium Aerosol Can Factory

David Weeks Studio Reissues the Aluminum Bullet Chandelier

“One of the trickiest details proved to be getting the profile right. I intentionally created the arms to be longer than necessary; this way, I could slowly trim them down until ultimately achieving the exact proportions I envisioned. In the end, I removed almost half of each arm, creating arches that were roughly 2” from the peak to the arch’s depth; a much more subtle look than originally anticipated,” he added.

The chandelier’s frame consists of four hand-bent, intersecting powder-coated steel rods with eight hand-spun shades on each arm. The unique format allows each arm to rotate and directionally cast light, intended to reflect its glow off the ceiling as fill light. Updates to the reissued Aluminum Bullet Chandelier include slight modifications to its materiality, as well as adjustment to it’s center shaft for easier wiring.

The light is available in several finishes, including a white satin exterior and white satin interior, a black satin exterior with black gloss interior, and an aluminum exterior with an ivory satin interior and an oil rubbed bronze frame, all with a jewelry level finish. Custom finishes are also available upon request.

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David Weeks Studio Reissues the Aluminum Bullet Chandelier

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