Best Doomsday Vehicles: Top 5 Rides For Escaping The Apocalypse Most Recommended By Experts - Study Finds

How prepared are you for the end of the world? Most of us don’t like to think about the possibility of an apocalypse happening any time soon, but that’s the thing about the end of the world. You just never know when it might happen. Dark thought, eh? Well, for all the preppers out there, the type of vehicle you have access to will play a crucial part in your survival. The best doomsday vehicles will combine off-road mobility with armored features to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Imagining the apocalypse often invokes images of widespread panic and chaos – but one  study finds that if the end really was near, most people wouldn’t resort to senseless violence. Instead, they’re more likely to stay calm and make the most of time left with friends and family during an apocalypse. To reach this conclusion, researchers at the University at Buffalo studied the game logs of many who had played the closed beta of ArcheAge, a choose-your-own-adventure fantasy game. The researchers observed how near the end of the 11 weeks, some anti-social behavior— such as committing murder— naturally increased in-game. A majority of players, however, demonstrated prosocial behavior, such as gaining and maintaining friendships. Atv For Sale

Best Doomsday Vehicles: Top 5 Rides For Escaping The Apocalypse Most Recommended By Experts - Study Finds

Even if we might have more friends than we think during the end of the world, we certainly aren’t as prepared as we should be. A survey  that delves into disaster preparedness found that less than half (45%) of Americans have an emergency kit. Additionally, 37% don’t have at least three days worth of water and 25% don’t have three days worth of nonperishable food set aside for an emergency. If you’re looking to increase your own level of preparedness, considering what vehicle you own is a great place to start.

So, in the event of a worldwide collapse, (even though you probably won’t be using it for very long) you will want a vehicle that can battle the elements to get you and your loved ones to safety as quickly as possible. StudyFinds researched the best doomsday vehicles, putting together our list from the most commonly recommended models across 10 sources. Do you have a car that would withstand the end of the world? Let us know in the comments below!

The Jeep Wrangler’s All-Wheel Drive and comfortable seating options for passengers makes it a great choice and the overall best doomsday vehicle. “Often considered the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts, the Jeep Wrangler’s excellent off-road capability makes it a great bug out vehicle,” writes Persurvive . “Be it a forest, mud, rocky terrains, or a desert, the four-wheel-drive capability makes the Wrangler a highly capable performer.”

A four-door Wrangler can hold up to 70 square feet of cargo, giving you lots of room to transport emergency supplies.“The most recent Wrangler tops the list for several upgrades over the previous versions: better safety, improved quality, and improved ability to install improvements such as 35” tires with little to no modifications,” writes Forbes .

The Unimog is an all-terrain machine that is highly adaptable, used for a wide range of functions all over the world from agriculture to emergency services. “Nothing short of a tank is stopping a Mercedes-Benz Unimog,” says Gear Moose . “It features an Apocalypse ready panoramic cab, interior ventilation system, a hydraulics system, an on-board tire inflation system that ensures the appropriate tire pressure for whatever terrain you’re crossing.”

The Unimog has 8 forward gears and 6 reverse gears capable of 354 horsepower. You will have trouble crossing any terrain or transporting just about anything with this vehicle. “Some Unimog owners will try to tell you their rig is worth upwards of 100 grand, but the fact is that you can get a well-running Unimog for well under 20k,” writes Hot Cars .

The Sherp is a Ukrainian ATV designed for rough and soggy terrain, dubbed the world’s most capable vehicle in terms of off-road performance. “With the huge, self-inflated tires and top speed of 28 mph, The Sherp isn’t going to break any land speed records, but it will climb over obstacles that are nearly 2.5-feet high and mow down most terrain that’s taller,” says The Coolist . “Water won’t thwart it, since the treads act like paddles, and with a 44 horsepower diesel, it’s less likely to break down when things get deadly.”

If it came down to surviving the end of the world, you won’t be racing with this vehicle, but you can conquer any type of ground and store a large amount of fuel and supplies. “The planet would be full of debris and rough terrain if such an event occurred, so its 35 degrees of grade-ability could come in handy. It’s also capable of storing extra fuel within the wheels, expanding its maximum fuel capacity to 76 gallons,” writes Car and Driver .

If you live in an area surrounded by water, you might consider your getaway vehicle should be a Watercar. “As the name would suggest, the Watercar is a half-boat, half-car that can transition from land to sea in less than 15 seconds. All the driver has to do is shift into neutral, pull a knob to engage the jet, and press a button to raise the wheels,” writes Digital Trends .

The Watercar is no longer in production, but if you’re lucky you might be able to snag one used if you can find a for-sale listing. “It looks like a Wrangler with a cheesy ‘80s design, but supports modern power,” writes Zero to 60 Times . “For on road, you have Honda’s reliable 3.7L, amusingly called V-Tec by WaterCar. For the water maneuvers, a Panther Jet will get you up to 44 mph.” 

Concerned about defense for the end of the world? We’ve got you covered. Try a Rezvani Tank, with the military edition sporting extra bulletproof armor and all-terrain drive. Those features alone could support the argument that it should it be the best doomsday vehicle over anything else. “It’s designed for defense and built for the road with impressive features like thermal night vision, bulletproof glass and body armor capable of stopping high-caliber weapons, underside explosive protection and much more,” says InsideHook . “Plus, it’s a highly powerful vehicle capable of propelling you over any terrain.”

There are more than enough defense features that should keep you safe through any apocalypse. Zombies? No problem. “The vehicles have bullet-proof body armor and glass. Plus, they boast 20 security features, including underside explosive protection, a smoke screen, electrified door handles, and even a pepper spray dispenser. These are trucks for the doomsday prepper with a healthy car budget,” writes MarketWatch .

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Best Doomsday Vehicles: Top 5 Rides For Escaping The Apocalypse Most Recommended By Experts - Study Finds

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