Move-Series AT10-M Open-Ended Timing Belt

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. is pleased to introduce the newest belt option in our move-series, the AT10move-M. This open-ended version joins the successful BFXmove truly endless timing belt that was launched last spring. The move-series represents the next generation of timing belts, offering up to 75% higher stiffness and 30% higher transmittable force than the standard AT10 belt.

The advantages of AT10move open-ended belts include: Engine Belt

Move-Series AT10-M Open-Ended Timing Belt

In linear drive applications, the high tensile strength and high stiffness of the “move tension members” ensure faster settling and more accurate positioning with a very high degree of precision. The high load-bearing capacity of the tension members, optimized tooth shape and low-friction coefficient of the belt coating provides advantages in applications where long service life and low friction are important. These properties proved superior for BFXmove, and will make AT10move–M the most outstanding option for linear drives.

Move-series AT10-M is currently available in 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100 mm widths with galvanized steel tension members.

The diagram below demonstrates the belt stiffness of the AT10move compared to other common belt sizes. One can clearly see that the AT10move opened ended belt provides a higher stiffness in a smaller belt, enabling the machinery to run efficiently with a more compact belt.

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Move-Series AT10-M Open-Ended Timing Belt

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