Say Goodbye to Clogged Grease Fittings |

Photo Credit: The Zerk Zappeer

By Braxten Breen Intern Electric Lubrication Pump

Say Goodbye to Clogged Grease Fittings |

As you work the farm every day, are you sometimes frustrated with farm machinery equipment when you experience the following situations:

If so, then you may want to add the Zerk Zapper to your toolbox.

The Zerk Zapper breaks down and eventually dissolves the blockage using the power of any solvent combined with hydraulic pressure. Simply fill the Zapper with light solvent, attach the Zapper to the clogged fitting, and start tapping the piston with a hammer till the piston starts to go down. This will then have dissolved any blockage consisting of dirt, sand, old grease, or anything else that might have clogged your tractor.

The Zerk Zapper can open clogged grease fittings in different types of farm machinery from tractors to plow traps.

Located on the piston you have two O-rings, allowing The Zapper to deliver higher power with consistent pressure. You’ll get a stronger grip on the fitting with the four-jaw hardened steel coupler, while the pressure release valve allows removal of tool from fitting without any damage.

Say Goodbye to Clogged Grease Fittings |

Lubricant Pumps For its size and price, the Zerk Zapper is a great addition to any farmers toolbox.