The 20 best hair clippers to become a pro at-home barber: Tried and tested by GQ's editors | British GQ

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The 20 best hair clippers to become a pro at-home barber: Tried and tested by GQ's editors | British GQ

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GQ's best hair clippers will see your barnet right, and they're cheaper than ever.

Sweating at the mere thought of cutting your own hair? We don’t blame you. One overzealous move, and you could suddenly be the not-so-proud owner of an unintentional new look. Sure, it might catch on — but the likelihood is that you’ll be wearing a hat for the next month or two until things grow back to normal. Save yourself the hassle and nab yourself one of the best hair clippers, we say.

Sure, you could carry on going to your barbershop for a regular hairstyle once-over, but if you’d rather put the fate of your head hair in your own hands, that’s absolutely fine too. Not only will you save buckets of time and money, but you might even learn a thing or two in the process. Before you know it, you’ll be fending off family and friends as they seek a fresh fade at your capable hands...

Okay, we might have gotten a little carried away there, but our point still stands. The best hair clippers let you cut and style your hair with ease, while saving you time and hassle in the process. They’re not all made equal, though, which is why we’ve called in the help and expertise of Ruffians barber Richard Tucker and Joey Anderson of London-based Supply 91 for some professional insights into what makes a great hair clipper. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks below, so without any further delay, let’s dive into our pick of the best hair clippers in 2024.

Philips Series 9000 Pro Precision Hair Clipper

If you're going to trust your hair in the hands of an at-home cut, then it makes sense to spend a little extra on some impeccably well-executed clippers. With 400 length settings and a delightfully ergonomic build, Philips has done well to take a good deal of the fear factor out of being your own barber.

One of the best that Remington has to offer, the X5 is an at-home barber's dream. Complete with a wealth of cutting lengths suitable for Love Island skin fades and bouncing bonnets to make Harry Styles jealous.

Easily one of the most comprehensively useful grooming devices we've ever seen, the Panasonic Multishape is your one-stop tool to complete a full-body groom from one device. Capable of beard trimming, tooth cleaning, nose hair trimming and hair clipping across your entire body, it's the ultimate device.

Looking for the perfect grooming gift to put a smile on their face? If they need a nudge towards a genuinely good clipper set, then we'd point you in the direction of Wahl's top-tier, affordably-priced complete collection. It's got all the tools they'll need to completely eradicate unwanted hair, and comes with scissors and a comb for additional styling brownie points.

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Before you take a motorised blade to your forehead you’ll want to make sure you’re grabbing a top-tier device that is tried and tested for the best results. We’ve put the legwork in to pick the best clippers on the market, personally testing several of the devices below to assess the quality of the trim, the ease of use, and any additional combs and heads to make self-barbering a dream. During testing, we tested out the battery life, whether it's waterproof, corded and what sort of lengths the clipper can cut to recommend the absolute best devices you should own. The rest of the selected devices below are a mixture of the top-rated clippers and most-bought clippers on the market.

Chances are, your bathroom cabinet is already fairly well-equipped with one or two grooming tools, and so you might be hoping to get away with tidying up your head head with a beard trimmer. And while you're very welcome to try and interchange your devices, you simply won't see the same results you'd see from a dedicated hair clipper.

Ostensibly, the two devices are created with different trimming philosophies. Beard trimmers will be all about precision shaving on short hair and stubble, with weaker motors that still cut hair but won't tug so you can delicately work your way around your jaw. The key here is that they're meant to tackle short lengths, and won't do well when fading down longer hair and tapering sideburns as well.

This is where hair clippers will excel. They will more than likely come with a greater range of cutting lengths and a host of guiding combs that can cope with hair longer than a few millimetres, and the motor will be souped up to content with that fact. And while you could certainly do a job with the trimmer, we genuinely advise just investing in the proper equipment; you'll thank us in the long run.

Time was that corded clippers served up substantially more power than cordless variants – not to mention the constant recharging they’d need. Thanks to improvements in battery tech and more powerful motors, times have changed and, according to Tucker, cordless hair clippers are the best choice for most.

“They may cost a little more,” he says, “but it will be well worth it. No more getting your wires tangled and great if you’re doing a self-beard trim or haircut, as you’ll be able to move them around your head all the easier.” Look out for clippers that can also be used while plugged in, though, for those occasions when you’re desperate for a trim but forgot to charge up in advance.

If you’re looking for a pro-grade cut that replicates your local hairdressers then you’ll need to get the same haircutting kit that barbers use, which can often be a bit more expensive but definitely worth it in the long run. You might be tempted by the flexibility and freedom of a cordless hair clipper that runs on battery power, but most of the best devices are powerful corded hair clippers that glide through your hair, with well-made blade guards of multiple lengths to stop you from cutting too deeply. Partaking in a risky home haircut can put the fear of God into many, but so long as you have something with plenty of length choice, an ergonomic design for easier trimming, and enough power to get through thicker hair you should be good to go.

In terms of brands, many professional barbers will opt for the tried and true makers like Wahl, Panasonic, Gillette, Hatteker and Philips. And if it’s good enough for them, it’s certainly good enough for you.

Remember you’ll need an entirely different tool if you’re looking to tidy up any facial hair at the same time. Your beard hair is completely different to your head hair, and we’d recommend using a dedicated beard trimmer for precision trimming around the jawline over a larger hair clipper.

As with most things, you get what you pay for and there are more blade types and materials out there than you might think, ranging from different grades of stainless steel, titanium or even ceramic. “There’s always a new blade out, which is exciting for a barber,” says Tucker.

“The crunch blade on the Wahl Magic was always the go-to for me to create an easy fade, but pretty much all new clippers are now equipped with very good adjustable blades that are waterproof and rust-resistant.” More expensive blades will prove to be more versatile and tend to last longer due to their hardier materials, letting them deal more easily with thick hair as a result.

This does, however, mean you might have different maintenance requirements for different blade types, and some will be better for different hair types. Some will have a brush you can use to clean up once you’re done, but others may have their own cleaning stations, oil or self-sharpening blades to keep things running smoothly for your next trim. We’d always recommend keeping a tidy routine and cleaning them out after each use to clear away gristle and hair, which will help reduce snags for next time and generally make things easier for you.

The best hair clippers for men will be simple tools with attachments that clip over the blades so you can wipe away your previous shavings.

Cutting your own hair for the first time is often a terrifying (not to mention daunting) experience for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. For starters, hair has the rather handy quality of growing back, so all mistakes can be undone. Secondly, there’s never been a better time to experiment, what with most of us still working from home. Don’t panic and don’t rush. “Take your time and start with the longer attachments,” says Tucker. “Work from the top sides of your head, moving downgrades. It’s much easier to control and visually see the change in length, so fewer mistakes.” If you need more in-depth tips, then you’re more than welcome to read our guide on how to cut hair from home.

Weighing up if it's worth investing in your own tools? While we're sure you've got a wonderful rapport with your barber, we're 100 per cent sure that owning your own set of clippers is a better use of your time and money, so long as you're brave enough to tackle your mop chop yourself.

Yes, the barber is a pro and has likely many years of experience to get a premium fade, but do you really want to be paying for each trip when you can just pay upfront for a quality device that can do all that for you without having to leave the home? Chances are it's going to be much better for your bank balance in the long run and the, at least you'll have a new skill to brag about to your mates.

Looking for some actual guidance from a proper pro? It's all well and good experimenting with your own head with wild abandon, but at some point, you'll want to take your trimming a bit more seriously. In order to help guide us away from amateur bowl cuts and into quality self-made trims, we've enlisted the help of Joey Anderson from Supply 91. With two hot barbers in London and a host of talent at its disposal, we've got some top tips from Joey that you need to take note of.

So what sort of brand should you be using? Joey says, "I recommend Wahl Magic Clippers – they come with grade attachments, they’re cordless whilst still being powerful, and if they are maintained well they will last a lifetime. “For those looking for an effective interim between regular professional haircuts, I recommend using clippers to achieve a well-maintained taper look on the sideburns- freshly trimmed sideburns and edges can keep your cut looking fresher for longer.”

Cutting down on touch-up trips to the barbers is a must, so getting this technique down is crucial. To get your practice in, Joey also says, “Utilise various clipper guards; start with the longest grade all over the sideburn, then as you work down the sideburn, gradually moving each guard down, transitioning to lower-numbered guards to create a fading effect. A good rule of thumb, however, is to leave anything below a grade 1 to a professional.” The modern-day versatility of such grooming devices means you can often use them across other parts of your body, including your jawline. Joey told us, “Clippers can be a great way of maintaining facial hair as well; choose a higher-number guard (you can always work down, taking more hair off, than the other way around!). To fade the sideburns into your beard, you’ll want to go with the grain. In a similar vein, clippers on a 2.5 grade are great for taming long eyebrow hairs.”

In one word- don’t. Joey told us to save the technical cutting to professionals, and we'd tend to agree. It takes a huge amount of patience and finesse that we're simply not capable of. He told us, “A skin fade is a technical approach that takes even the best barbers years to master, so they are definitely one to leave to the professionals.”

Proper grooming etiquette must be followed. Joey says, “After every use, it’s important to remove the grades and brush off any hair from the blades. I like to follow this up with spraying Andis cool care, which will clean and protect your tools. After a day of cutting, I dismantle my clippers, wipe every piece then spray Andis cool care before reassembling ready for the next day. My advice is to clean your clippers or trimmers after every use to keep them from rusting, overheating and allows them to run smoothly. It also keeps the equipment coming into contact with your skin nice and clean, minimising the risk of blemishes and infections caused by bacteria.”

“A good all-rounder is a matte paste, it's a very versatile product for most hair types and styles. My all-time favourite product is Supreme Matt Paste by Oway which offers a low-shine hold, whilst being super light in consistency and it's also organic. You just can’t beat an organic approach, it’s the best for your health, hair, and the environment. I also like to use pomade for slicker short styles, as it’s quite glossy whilst still offering a light hold. A good pomade, also by Oway, is water resin.”

And for longer hair? "It’s all about staying on top of the health of your hair, so I would recommend applying a wearable treatment after the hair is towel dried, to keep it moisturised and strong. This is a great foundation to be able to style your hair by layering other products on top. My personal recommendation is Happy Campers by Evo. This is a nice sprayable conditioning treatment which is easily buildable and works well in conjunction with other products. It’s great on wet, damp or dry hair and smells lovely too. When it comes to long hair, the health of the hair is just important (if not more) than styling."

As with every grooming item you own, you should be practising good maintenance to keep them sharp, pristine and ready to clean you up without giving you razor burn or uncomfortable nicks. Thankfully, keeping your hair clipper well-kept is a fairly simple venture and won’t take that much time or effort.

First off, many devices will come with a small bottle of blade oil, but make sure you buy one to keep the metal lathered up and sharp if they don't. It will keep rust at bay and will extend the life of the device, which is handy, as most are fairly expensive and you don’t want to be replacing them more than you have to. To keep the device going even longer, we recommend buying replacement heads if the tool allows you to swap them out.

Before you begin trimming, we suggest you inspect the blades and ensure there aren’t any stray hairs from your previous cut trapped on the metal. Just give it a bit of a clean with a lint-free cloth or a paper towel. During the process, it’s worth checking to see if hair has clogged up the blades and give it a quick clear-out before continuing. Finally, once you’re done, it’s worth just giving the blades a thorough wipe-down with a bit of cloth to get the hair and gunk out.

If you're thinking about taking your grooming routine more seriously, you're going to want to tool yourself out with some quality devices that make the whole process easier. We're sure your bathroom cabinet is full of detritus but it's a good idea to make some upgrades on the very best gear if you want the best results.

Check out our guides to the best beard trimmers, electric shavers, body hair trimmers and nose hair trimmers to complete your hair-grooming routine. We've also got dedicated guides on the best foil shavers, Philips beard trimmers and Braun electric shavers and, if you're follicly challenged, a roundup on the best bald head shavers to book.

And if you want to take on the full set, we'll point you towards the best moisturisers, beard oils, electric toothbrushes and water flossers to complete your total overhaul.

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Pros: Will remember your preferred length settings | Huge battery | Durable self-sharpening blades

Cons: Few attachments | Swipe controls can be a bit fiddly

Precision is the name of the game when you’re trusting your locks in the hands of a hair clipper. Even if you just want to let rip and shave them all off. Thankfully, Philips’ Hairclipper Series 9000 doesn’t mess around on this front, with 400 length settings that grow in increments of 0.1mm from a razor-thin 0.5mm to an ample 42mm. With a set of three combs for short to lustrous bouffants and super simple swipe control, you can be confident that the length you’re aiming for is the one this clipper’s titanium blades will deliver throughout your cut. And there’s no risk you’ll have to settle for a mullet after getting just half the job done thanks to 120 minutes of wireless battery life after just an hour’s charge. All in all, this is a thoroughly accomplished clipper that takes a lot of the stress out of a DIY cut. Philips' other grooming tech, like the 9000 series beard trimmer is also our most popular device, so why not pair it all together?

Pros: Multiple heads to become a toothbrush, beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer and shaver | Long-lasting battery

Cons: Motor for toothbrush and hair clipper might not be powerful enough for some

Panasonic's Multishape is the absolute Swiss Army Knife of the grooming world, with enough attachments to tidy up your whole daily routine from hair and beard to teeth and nose. Looking for a gadget that does it all? Combining an electric toothbrush, beard trimmer, razor, nose and ear hair trimmer all in one go, you'll never need another grooming gadget again. With detachable heads to help you navigate your daily tidy up and switch between cutting your ‘tache to cleaning your teeth in seconds. It’s got a marathon battery, a powerful motor and was one of our favourite new gadgets of 2023.

When it comes to hair clipping, it's a versatile trimmer that slices through hair quickly, and we loved the rotating dial that adjusts the cutting length on the fly so you can get the finest of detail quickly without chopping through different guiding combs.

Read GQ's Panasonic Multishape review

Pros: Attachments for nose, ear and beard hair trimming | Plenty of comb lengths for precision trimming

Cons: Not great for longer hair | Fairly weak motor

If you want to tame more than your head hair, Wahl's handy gift set offers plenty of value for your money. With a corded clipper, beard trimmer, and personal trimmer, it's got everything you need to fight off unruly follicles. The clipper itself comes with 10 attachment combs for dialling in your preferred length, along with a thumb-adjustable taper lever for tidying up necklines and edging. And once you're done with your precision fade, you can trim your beard and slice through renegade nostril hairs with ease.

Pros: Huge range of cutting lengths | Rotating dial to adjust length on the fly | weighty, ergonomic handle

Cons: More focused as a dedicated beard trimmer | Only one guiding comb

Technically a dedicated beard trimmer, Philips Series 9000 Prestige can do a shift when cutting your hair if you've an eye to do a total head shave from the same device. Armed with this tool, no hair will be safe from its clutches, with stainless steel blades that can easily deal with any beard or hair style you care to throw at it.

True, there's only one guiding comb, so you won't be manifesting your skin-fade dreams, but if you just want to tidy things up or you're going scorched earth with a buzz cut, this has more than enough power to get the job done.

The rotating dial on the hefty shaft of the device can be adjusted as you shave, giving you flexibility on the length of the cut, while the huge battery keeps you shaving for longer so you can take your time.

Pros: Attachments for fades | USB-recharge | 75-minutes of battery or can be used corded | Self-sharpening Japanese blades

Cons: Expensive | Quite bulky to hold in the hand | 35mm limit makes it hard to cut long hair

If there’s one brand that knows how to keep your hair stress to an absolute minimum it’s Remington. With a storied history of building high-quality blades to slice through all sorts of hair, the grooming company has answered your at-home barber prayers with the X5, a versatile, simple clipper made for quick and easy trimming. As you should expect from any premium clipper, the blades are Japanese titanium, which is about as good as it gets, and they are self-cleaning to boot. Three combs are part of the set, ranging from 14-35mm to tackle all but the longest hair lengths, but there’s also a dial wheel to get even more precise, fading as you cut for a smarter trim that’s excellent for getting a clean ear taper. It’s a cordless set and waterproof so you can use it in the shower for an easy clean-up, and it can be recharged by USB, making it an excellent choice for travelling. The ultimate all-rounder hair clipper.

Pros: Affordable | Simple clipper for short hair

Cons: Long recharge time | Not very advanced

Ever the master of affordable grooming, Braun's black and green offering has 13 different clipping lengths that can be used across your beard, face and hair. If you're the kind of man who takes a no-frills approach to their follicles then you can hardly say fairer. While it might lack the more premium trappings of other models here, there's no doubting the sturdiness and durability of this clipper's plastic build. Providing plenty of bang for your buck thanks to some additional nose/ear hair attachments, its built-in battery offers a respectable 50 minutes of use per charge too, so you'll never be left half-trimmed. As much as we do admire the sheer utility on show here, we'd still recommend investing in dedicated clippers if your budget can stretch to such an extravagance.

Pros: Exceptional clipping quality | Anti-catch tech | Self-sharpening blades Cons: Often out of stock

To make things immensely complicated when picking the right device, this is Philips' dedicated hair clipper called the Series 5000, which also happens to be the name of the 11-in-1 trimmer below. However, this particular model is the real deal, specifically designed for clipping your head hair rather than balancing around a general facial trim of your beard and nose hair.

How? Well, it's got anti-catch tech that stops hair from getting caught in the blades for an even shave and a sliding comb that stretches from 0.5 to 25mm in length. There's even a turbo mode to blitz around your bonce a lot faster than other models are capable of. The battery is decent at an hour and a half and it's waterproof too, which we love to see.

Pros: Powerful battery | Great design for free-form cutting | Taper combs for sideburns, ears and skin fades

Cons: Not great for longer hair | Not especially precise | Expensive

BaByliss’ new Super-X Metal Series is a grooming kit that does not skimp on bathroom style. The launch came with a nose hair trimmer, a multi-groomer and the cordless hair clipper pictured, all boasting super-sleek builds you could be proud to leave out sink-side. Compared to many of its cheaper, plastic competitors, the in-hand feel of this device is pretty outstanding, with a weightiness that’s premium without being burdensome as you manoeuvre it around your head.

That sense of quality is replicated in its powerful lithium battery, which allows for long-lasting cordless use and a fast charge in only three hours (or 20 minutes for 20 minutes of use), and is signposted with a slick-looking digital display. The tapering controls mean you can move through 0.5 to 25mm at the most minute of increments, with guides for both ears to make those more intricate spots that bit easier to navigate. If home haircuts are something you plan to continue long past the pandemic, it’s details like these that make it well worth the investment.

Pros: Incredibly powerful clipper | Loads of attachments to get up to grade 8 trim.

Cons: Quite expensive | Not the longest battery

BaByliss' Super Clipper XTP might just be our favourite clipper of the lot, particularly if you're taking your at-home haircuts deadly seriously. It has a comprehensive set of guides and combs to complement a powerful clipper that wouldn't look amiss in Ted's Grooming Rooms. As powerful as a woolly mammoth but considerably less hairy and more wieldy, the Super Clipper XTP can handle grades from zero to eight with speed and precision, with ten guiding combs to help you create the perfect fade with a single device. It's only got 85 minutes of battery, which is on the short side, but so long as you're not cutting at a snail's pace you should be good for a quick trim.

Pros: Exceptional precision | LED display | Huge battery | Broad range of cutting lengths and tapers

Cons: Expensive when not in the sale

While we wouldn't recommend taking a Japanese-wrought samurai sword to your bonce for precision cutting, there's some merit to turning to Japanese steel for your grooming tools. The blades themselves are razor-sharp for inch-perfect cutting, and it will go for two and a half hours before needing a charging boost, so you can take your time with your trim.

An LED display keeps you updated with how long you've got left before it dies, but if it does, you can pop it in the plug for 30 minutes to get 15 minutes of use back.

A huge selection of combs unlock the experimentation you desire, while the twist-taper control is key for those searching for a smoot fade.

Pros: Helpful colour guide for lengths | Great option for cutting family hair | Comes with a neck brush to dust off after you’re done

Cons: Not especially powerful | Weak battery

This Wahl clipper kit offers the everyman a kind of paint-by-numbers, buzzcuts-for-dummies device. Its colour-guided combs, which are referenced on the front of the clipper itself, bring a new level of simplicity that’s almost patronising, but undeniably useful – especially for anyone taking matters into their own hands for the first time. As such, you'll struggle to mistakenly give yourself a bowl cut with such a foolproof design, even if we do hear the Friar Tuck look is coming back on trend any moment now. Accommodating grades from 0.4mm to 25mm, for anything slightly longer, scissors and a barber comb come included, as does a cape and a smaller battery trimmer to clean up the edges. Clippers that'll pay for themselves in a single cut, what's not to love?

Pros: Powerful motor | Wider blade pitch catches more hair pair stroke | 58 cutting lengths

Cons: Short battery life | Mag-lev tech is not as useful for longer beards

If you’re supporting thick unruly hair on your head that’s annoyingly resistant to being tamed, then you need something with a bit more chopping power to show it who’s boss. Panasonic’s specially designed trimmer is one of the company’s most powerful to date, and has been designed to bring the fight to the thickest hair in a single stroke. It's all thanks to a high-torque motor which produces a formidable power output, coupled with some specially designed blades.

The ultra-sharp stainless steel blades have been designed with a 60 per cent wider pitch between them, letting you catch more hair per stroke. Even longer, denser mullets aren't safe. It also means that longer hairs won't get snagged, reducing irritation and pain in the process. The powerful motor, combined with this new blade system, should make quick work of any unruly hair without breaking a sweat.

With an insanely generous 58 cutting length settings that go from 0.5-30mm at precise intervals (not to mention a waterproof build for easy washing), it's an excellent weapon for keeping stubborn facial hair at bay. Especially since it handles as well as any other premium-adjacent trimmer. A superb buy at any price, especially when it's on offer.

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Pros: Huge battery and quick recharge | LED indicator | Ergonomic design | plenty of attachments

Cons: Can be a bit overwhelming for beginners | Built-in spotlight isn’t particularly bright | Included scissors are mid-tier

The clue is in the name: Wahl’s Ultimate clipper is its do-it-all tool for slicing through your untidy barnet at home, packed full of accessories for the complete trimming experience. Not only is it a truly refined hair clipper (with eight additional combs) but it also has a nose hair trimmer, a proper barber comb, a precision pair of scissors, a cleaning brush, a travel pouch and a built-in spotlight to ensure no strand of hair is left unclipped. It’s a handsome bit of kit capable of rivalling the blades of your go-to barber. You get 100 minutes of use from a single charge (and get an hour back after just five minutes plugged in), but the most useful thing is it has a built-in LCD display to show you exactly how much battery you have left – gone are the days when you get halfway through a trim before the battery dies.

Pros: Premium-build pro hair clipper | Powerful motor

Cons: Can't be used cordless | Have to purchase additional clipper heads separately

Although there's a reason your barber doesn't use a clipper shaped like this – it lacks some of the precision of those more streamlined designs – that doesn't mean Remington is completely off the mark with its QuickCut. Fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand like a Wolverine-esque bolt-on, it's quite the tool for those who want to keep it short all over without major attention to Love Island-level fading. The fact that the longest cut length is only 15mm is a testament to the looks this model excels in while being mindful of its limits. If your go-to is anything between grades one and five, top, back and sides, this is an essential tool in the arsenal of any dedicated self-styler. Especially since it's compact enough to chuck in a suitcase for your sun-soaked travels.

Pros: Dedicated cleaning station and stand included | Good for different hair lengths

Cons: Clips and attachments can sometimes be easy to break or damage

If it’s precision you’re after, Hatteker has you covered with this customisable, adjustable clipper that should tidy up all sorts of stubble. If, like us, you enjoy growing out your hair at different lengths, angling out your hair over your sideburns, then you’ll enjoy the sliding length wheel built directly onto the handle so you can scale your trimming on the fly without having to stop and slap on other guards or attachments. This control method will, for most people, be even more intuitive than a dial or fancy touch-sensitive buttons. Just be wary of accidentally sliding it up or down mid-trim, and you're golden.

If you need a bit more versatility in your grooming, there are also plenty of included extra trimmer heads that are individually specialised to deal with noses, ears, eyebrows, and your beard should you need them. Suitably proofed against water, this is a good shower trimmer to help clean up your facial fuzz without fuss, with minimal mess in the process. Still, at least the blades themselves can easily be rinsed for hassle-free cleanup.

With a marathon-length 90 minutes of battery, you can also really take your time to perfect the look. The best bit? It has its own stand that has room for all your gear in one place, reducing the chances of you losing combs to the depths of the bathroom cupboard.

Pros: Multiple clipper heads | Easy to maintain and clean | USB recharging

Cons: Cutting length wheel can be tricky to turn in the shower

The 20 best hair clippers to become a pro at-home barber: Tried and tested by GQ's editors | British GQ

Pet Nail Clippers Hatteker's clipper has ceramic cutting blades that promise irritation-free use for both heads and beards, with six different comb heads for finding the best length for your needs. A 90-minute charge should be good for two and a half hours of use, and it's USB-rechargeable too, for added convenience. With a waterproof build for easy cleaning and a price that won't decimate your funds, this could be the two-in-one clipper/trimmer combo you're looking for.