SafeSource Direct Debuts Lightweight Nitrile Glove -- HME Business

SafeSource Direct has launched an American-made nitrile exam glove designed to provide optimal feel and sensitivity for its wearers.

The new gloves are made of approximately 3.5-mil-thick, chemo-rated nitrile and have U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance. In a March launch announcement, SafeSource Direct described the gloves as offering “superior tactile feeling at a price point that meets the needs of busy medical professionals who go through large numbers of gloves in a day.” Disposable Clear Plastic Face Shield

SafeSource Direct Debuts Lightweight Nitrile Glove -- HME Business

Justin Hollingsworth, SafeSource Direct’s CEO, said in the announcement, “SafeSource’s unique founding, along with its provider ownership and oversight, ensure healthcare professionals everywhere can be free to focus on their patients rather than worrying about their PPE [personal protective equipment]. As a frontline healthcare provider, you can be assured that we share your priorities because we’re partnered with your peers and colleagues. That’s huge for both providers and patients, and it’s those important groups who will continue to inspire our best moving forward.”

SafeSource Direct also manufactures surgical ear-loop and surgical tie masks, and standard three-ply level 1 and level 3 procedure masks, which also have FDA 510(k) clearance. The company also intends to begin making N95 respirators, head covers, and isolation gowns.

SafeSource Direct is based in Lafayette Parish, La. The company described its clinician-tested gloves as “the result of the industry’s only manufacturer-provider partnership. Created as a joint venture with Ochsner Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, SafeSource Direct is the only PPE manufacturer that is U.S. provider owned with U.S. provider-owned quality control.”

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SafeSource Direct Debuts Lightweight Nitrile Glove -- HME Business

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