Soft Gel Shoulder Ice Wraps: Cold & Hot Therapy For Pain Relief Announced

With the expansion, Cool Relief customers can now get targeted pain relief for a traditionally difficult part of the body to treat. The shoulder ice wraps are designed to provide flexible comfort and support while delivering long-lasting cold therapy.

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Soft Gel Shoulder Ice Wraps: Cold & Hot Therapy For Pain Relief Announced

Most ice packs aren't pliable enough to fit the unique contours of the shoulder, so keeping them tightly compressed is a challenge. Cool Relief's shoulder ice wraps solve these problems by using flexible soft gel ice packs tucked into adaptable compression pockets.

Cool Relief offers two styles of shoulder ice wrap--the Soft Gel Shoulder Hot-Cold Wrap and the Athletic Flexible Shoulder Ice Wrap. The Soft Gel Shoulder Hot-Cold Wrap is intended for more common injuries like shoulder strains and sprains. Its universal design allows it to be applied to either the left or right shoulder on all body types.

The Athletic Flexible Shoulder Ice Wrap is ideal for athletic injuries and rehabilitation. Its segmented design provides more coverage than the Soft Gel Shoulder Hot-Cold Wrap, extending as far as the elbow. The gel packs are housed in an innovative ice insert system, which keeps them cool and secure during any activities.

Both of the wraps feature Cool Relief's proprietary soft gel ice packs, which are made with inner ice technology that retains temperature for longer periods than traditional ice packs. The packs are reusable and can also be safely heated in the microwave to provide hot therapy.

"I have a bad shoulder and due to a kidney issue I can't take anti-inflammatory meds," said a satisfied customer. "Ice is my only answer at this time, and the shoulder wraps from Cool Relief do the job. I would recommend them to anyone with a shoulder injury. The product quality is superb."

An industry leader in cold and hot therapy products, Cool Relief LLC has been providing customers with medical-grade athletic first-aid and rehabilitation solutions since 2007. They supply their products to top orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and trainers, as well as hospitals and surgical centers.

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Soft Gel Shoulder Ice Wraps: Cold & Hot Therapy For Pain Relief Announced

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